This is the mantra of many organisations, but is it being measured effectively?

Measuring the capability of your staff provides a benchmark that you can leverage on. It will provide you with a "skills audit" to know where & what the competence of your organisation is, and what is missing. This can then be used to "fill the gaps" and ensure the workforce is ready to meet the organisation's requirements. You can identify what capabilities or attributes are lacking within the organisation and build them up to meet the strategic needs of the company.

Whilst many ICT organisations have a program in place to enhance "leadership" qualities for their "management track," it is widely recognised that developing similar tracks for "technical experts," or for technical staff to move into management roles has its own difficulties. Notably, technical jargon can become a communications barrier between technical teams, who need the skills, and HR teams that must implement the development mechanisms. Conversely, HR must implement a sustainable, long-term development plan to meet the strategic goals of the organisation whereas technical managers may just need training as a "quick fix" for a current project requirement.

It is clear, however, that such a track is needed since a skilled workforce is critical to the ongoing success of the business. Organisations that develop skills in an ad-hoc, unstructured manner or tie in with their equipment vendor roadmap will find it increasingly difficult to cultivate a culture of "critical thinking and analysis" rather than simply skills in "configuring" and "monitoring" equipment.

Benefits of a strategic approach

Implementing a structured skills development framework provides a mechanism for tracking and managing competence across the workforce. This will assist in driving the organisation forward by ensuring the right competences are being developed effectively provided it has an effective assessment mechanisms. It assists with key staff retention by ensuring your brightest and best staff are identified so that they can be rewarded accordingly. This provides a clear development roadmap for individuals which in turn will position the organisation as an “employer of choice” ensuring the best and brightest talent will aspire to be part of your team.

The Orbitage Advantage

We plan the competence requirements for leading organisations with a focus on technical skills and key attributes.

  1. Our in-house tools can be used to
  2. Our SkilPro Competence Management Platform can simplify your competence management needs and provide detailed reports of your organisation's competences
  3. Our training division can support your organisation in building competent personnel through our in-house programs and experienced training staff