Labs & Facilities

Currently we have seven classrooms/training labs available to conduct our programs. Of the training facilities, four are at our offices in Mid Valley City, the remaining three are purpose designed labs for our programs at our customer premises. We also have a training lab in Singapore. The pictures show some of these facilities.

We do run hands-on fibre planning, installation and testing programs. For these we have available a range of fibre installation and testing equipment. Shown are some of our fibre classes.

Orbitage Dynamic Lab Playground (ODLP)

Additionally we have a “remote” lab setup system, the Orbitage Dynamic Lab Playground (ODLP.) Developed in-house, the ODLP is a modular software system that provides a management framework for the design, implementation and reconfiguration of complex network services and interconnections. This is used to provide a “hands on” learning environment that simplifies the generation, control and reconfiguration of “real world” network scenarios for use during the competence development and assessment programs. The software platform is built on top of a Linux Fedora Core OS platform with extensive use of virtualisation. The overall platform control is via a management interface.

The ODLP is used for conducting courses at offsite locations (e.g. universities, customers in Sabah/Sarawak, etc.) It works with our customised USB drives which allow normal PCs at the site to boot up and integrate with the lab environment (without affecting the existing PC settings) and then access a mixture of physical and virtual devices. This also facilitates running our programs in partnership or under franchise.

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