Non-Technical Training

We believe that the management of an organization must possess an understanding of current and upcoming technologies as well as services, in terms of the business advantages that each offers and how to capitalize on such opportunities.

Application of the right knowledge empowers the management to ask the right questions, employ the right strategies and make right decisions; faster. We therefore offer programs that focus on the business aspects of technology for CxO, VP, senior executive management, sales/marketing teams, etc.

We have an extensive range of "technical" for "non technical" staff programs that cover key technical areas in our "Essentials of..." series of programs. Each module is typically 1-2 days in duration and learning is enhanced with interactive exercises & activities, case studies and real world examples. Our facilitator will demystify all the technical jargon and place the technology in a business context. Click on the programs below to find out more information.

"Essentials of..." Non Technical Courses

Course TitleDurationOutline
Essentials of Mobile 2 days Essentials of Mobile Outline
Essentials of IPv6 1 day Essentials of IPv6 Outline
Essentials of 4G/LTE 1 day Essentials of LTE Outline
Essentials of LTE for Public Safety 1 day Essentials of LTE for Public Safety Outline
Essentials of Machine to Machine Communications 1 day Essentials of Machine to Machine Communications Outline
Essentials of MPLS 1 day Essentials of MPLS Outline
Essentials of Optical Communications 1 day Essentials of Optical Communications Outline

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