Aligning Technical Competence for Corporate Strategy

We work with leading organisations to ensure they have a sustainable and skilled workforce. Our primary focus is the ICT sector where we have an excellent track record in providing quality solutions. 

 Our 3 key areas include:

  1. Aligning workforce competence to corporate strategy

    Your workforce can provide you with a key competitive edge. Human capital is increasingly becoming the differentiator between organisations, and organisations that can "develop" and "measure" their competence effectively are best placed to do this. We work with organisations so that they know what skills they have in-house, which ones are missing and how to fill the gaps using a variety of techniques. <more>

  2. Competence based training & assessment

    Organisations are generally aware of the advantages of well-structured competency based programs, whereby participants "learn through doing" rather than simply learning "knowledge" through class room based teaching. Providing such a learning environment where participants can experiment, are asked to plan a solution, given broken systems to troubleshoot builds their confidence, analysis and critical thinking skills.<more>

    Orbitage have over 50 programs in ICT that are competence based, which can be customized to client requirements. These programs are "hands on" and the assessment consists of "planning, implementation and troubleshooting" scenarios.The competences are mapped to your organization competences simplifying implementation

  3. SkilPro competence management software to manage your skills bank

    Employees are a fundamental differentiator for many companies and we have developed our own "in-house" tools to assist our clients in gaining a better awareness and management of their employee's capabilities. This has many capabilities such as providing reports for management on current in-house capabilities as well as gaps in the organisation is extremely useful for management from looking at such things as recruitment, retention all the way to ensuring you have the skills to enter into new markets successfully.<more>

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